Ned’s unforgettable Italian Christmas bread. Light and buttery, sweetly spiced, dotted with sultanas and candied citrus peels. Baked with a moreish nutty, caramelised domed top. Ned’s Panettone is an unforgettable, Italian-inspired, Christmas experience. A light and buttery bread with an almost airy texture. It is sweetly spiced, dotted with sultanas and candied citrus peels, and baked with a nutty, caramelised, crusty domed top. Our baker’s follow the traditional Italian baking method. Starting with the primo impasto, a sourdough starter, which is left to bulk ferment for up to 19 hours imparting delicious sourdough characteristics through the buttery dough. Candied citrus peels, sultanas and almonds are mixed through before proofing and topping with pearl sugar and baking for exactly 50 minutes. Once baked, each panettone is hung upside-down for six hours to preserve its distinctive shape. Panettone is perfect sliced as toast and slathered with your favourite spread or torn off by the handful and eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Ned’s Panettone is simply luxurious and oh, so moreish.